Urenna Sander
True Season of Love
"...no one will ever love in the same way after us."

True Season of Love

True Season of Love
by Urenna Sander


“That is the true season of love, when we believe that we alone can love, that no one could ever have loved so before us, and that no one will love in the same way after us.”— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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True Season of Love is an unforgettable, passionate love story in 1960s Paris between wealthy Greek émigré, Ptolemy Verenis and American Journalist, Olivia Moreno. This is a book of love, passion, deceit, sibling rivalry, and secret pain. This is a book of the lovers’ sisters bonding to sever their relationship. This is a book revealing the women who love Ptolemy: Olivia tormented by secrets and lies from her past, and his aunt, guilt-ridden with the past and the atrocities of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Greece during World War II. Ptolemy discovers secrets about his own life that collide with the women he loves and trusts.

From Chapter 10 

Olivia gently pushed him away. She stood and placed the chalcedony gems in their box. “I don’t know if it will work with us.” She nervously fingered the box. 

He would refuse to accept her returning his gift. It was his first gift to her of love. 

“I won't mince words,” he said. “I’ve never had qualms letting go of a bad relationship. If you want to question me about my life, I will give you direct answers. I’m not perfect, nor are you. You should feel good about yourself as I do about you. 

“I see many wonderful qualities in you, Olivia,” he said as he kissed her. “And don’t push me away. I’m not going to hurt you.” 

Olivia relaxed in his arms. For the first time in her life, she felt safe. 

From Chapter 11 

When Olivia and Ptolemy entered the apartment, they thought they were alone. 

Olivia took her suitcase to her room. He then followed her into the bedroom, stood in back of her and kissed her exposed back as she unpacked. 

Eleni, Ptolemy’s sister, woke to the sound of Olivia’s voice and smiled. She couldn’t wait to inquire about her weekend with her mystery man. She thought she heard a man’s voice that sounded familiar. 

She didn’t want to embarrass Olivia with her appearance, so she quietly tiptoed to her door.  She peered from her vantage point into Olivia’s bedroom. A man kissed the back of Olivia’s neck. He nuzzled his face in her hair, ran his fingers through it, and then kissed her behind both ears. 

How affectionate he is, thought Eleni. 

She looked at his fingers and saw an onyx and diamond ring. It was Ptolemy, Eleni's brother! Shocked, Eleni clamped her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming. She went limp as she closed her bedroom door. 

Eleni had thought Olivia quiet and humble. Now she thought her cunning. She had walked into the Medical Annals of France, crossed her long, sleek, brown legs, and batted her eyelashes at Monsieur Hulot and Bernard-Requin. And voila! They hired her. Yet Olivia garnered respect for her hard work; she had the credentials. Eleni's family had the money to buy her position.

In actuality, Eleni had resented Olivia’s success and popularity at work. She had befriended Olivia to keep an eye on her. She had even shared her large apartment on Haussmann Boulevard with Olivia and her sister, Connie.  

Eleni heard Ptolemy suggest he and Olivia return to his place. She hadn’t realized her brother’s desire for Olivia.  

 I will see that this doesn’t last, thought Eleni.