Urenna Sander
True Season of Love
"...no one will ever love in the same way after us."
Luv @ First Sight


 No, love at first sight is possible!

A reader of my novel, True Season of Love, commented that falling in love at first sight is not probable. I disagree.  Falling in love at first sight is possible! I believe men, and perhaps some women can achieve it.  

I am not saying this as a put down to men. I think its wonderful men operate on different wavelengths than ours. It is what makes love more exciting. And there is nothing wrong with falling in love at first sight.   

But I do believe that in the process of falling in love at first sight, emotions are involved, and of course, hormones. With men, it can be the woman's scent, her face, body, natural aura, and the surrounding atmosphere. Yet, let's face it, those first moments, weeks or months of physicality must deliver more, much, much more for this incredible journey to continue.  In my novel, what added to Ptolemy's love and desire for Olivia was her mind, emotions, and psyche.   

During Olivia and Ptolemy's first encounter in True Season of Love, the mood was ripe, and the atmosphere was threaded with love songs by Mina Mazzini, Johnny Mathis, and the haunting melodies of Rembetika (Greek blues). Remember, this is a sixties love affair and Olivia is not in the U. S., but in Europe.  

In True Season of Love, Ptolemy said he had fallen in love with Olivia at first sight. But being cautious, it took Olivia longer to trust and love him.    

In chapter one, Ptolemy wanted to smell the scent of her skin, to touch and kiss her once more.   

He thought her unlike any other, so he wrote her a note: "I know nothing, and I want to know everything about you. I want to know everything there is to know." And for Ptolemy, nothing existed at that moment except Olivia.  

All the best,